Trade Presenters

Objective – The whole point of a trade presenter is to “authentically compel your customer to buy your product.” We live in a time where your target market is bombarded with information and selling messages, so your customer can immediately cut through BS and note who is being authentic and who isn’t.

If you are seller of any particular brand or product, you will periodically receive a neatly designed and packaged catalogue in form of brochure, leaflets or booklet with product details laid in perfect order that will help in selling more efficiently. These presenters can very creative and useful items ranging from boxes, perfumes, calendars, diaries and what not. This is presented in the most sophisticated manner possible to put the best impression forward.

Board Selection
We source a wide selection of quality boards and papers in varying grammages to suite specific requirements.

Finishing Selection
We offer an array of quality finishes from metallic foils, embossing, die cutting to shape, spot UV varnish, or matt/gloss lamination or encapsulation and offer an assortment of folding styles.