• ESTIMATIONS & QUOTATIONS: Costs are based clients brief, and 104 Creative Studios’ interpretation and understanding of ‘The Clients’ requirements.

• DESIGN & LAYOUT: Charges will be R640 per hour.

• AUTHOR CORRECTIONS: Charges will be charge at R640 per hour.

• PRINT: The print order delivery is subject to a 10% fluctuation as per standard conditions and recognized customs of the printing industry of South Africa.

• MATERIALS: Costs of materials are quoted as at the above date, any subsequent increase will be for ‘The Clients’ account and is subject to the availability of stock.

• CANCELLATION: Will be charge at 100% of any original artwork or work completed.


• 50 % Deposit.

• Balance on delivery.

• Ownership and Copyright of the delivered goods shall only pass on to ‘The Client” once full payment has been received by 104 Creative Studios.